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by Side Chain

Released 2017
Released 2017
Hard-driven rock with a unique but familiar sound of 90's meet modern. Melodic guitar tones and vocal melodies, slamming drums and grooving bass riffs infuse for the perfect rock sound.
SideChain is a new and upcoming band inspired by 90's rock and metal mixed with modern production. Formed in 2015 in Little Rock, Arkansas, SideChain was initially created by Stephen Shatzer and Dustin Miller. Soon after John Kyzer and James Pennington joined the group. Utilizing some of their older songs they began creating their unique sound of hard rock and metal roots. They began recording their first album, Alchemy, in 2016. They quicklyrealized that they would need a second guitarist, so they asked Nathan Cameron to join in late 2016. The album is set for release in March of 2017. Guitarist Dustin Miller and vocalist James Pennington had played together for years, as had drummer and recording engineer Stephen Shatzer and guitarist and bassist John Kyzer. Nathan Cameron had played in several bands as well, and each member has integrated their own style to create the SideChain sound. All the songs on their album Alchemy are both recorded and self-produced by SideChain and Stephen Shatzer.